Stree Overlord

Stree Overlord

Effective Sex Enhancement formula for Men

Most men experience at some point in their lives, usually by age 40 or often sooner, that their penis is not getting as hard and big erections as often or as much as it used to when they were younger.

Most sexually active women on the other hand experience that their vagina is with time (and often more or less lovers passing by) gradually getting larger.

Thus we can conclude that with time man’s penis is getting smaller while the woman’s vagina is getting larger which often leads to a crisis in marriages, sexual relationships or other confusions.

Middle age men start seeking a tighter, usually younger vagina while aging women long for a larger penis with more frequent erections to satisfy their sexual needs.

Diminishing men’s ability to get a big hard on is scientifically called Erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is usually caused by too much stress, psychological problems, problems in the blood vessels, injuries to nerves, lowered hormone levels or use of certain medications. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) of various degrees is very common in aging men can cause emotional and relationship problems and often leads to diminished self-esteem.

More than 60% of all divorces result from difficulties in sexual life closely related to this problem.

USAGE: Men take 1 capsule with bit of water about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


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